Speak Softly, Love Loudly: Uncommon Sense for Raising Healthy & Successful Kids


Speak Softly, Love Loudly: Uncommon Sense for Raising Healthy & Successful Kids



Our children constantly twist with needs and wrestle with life's challenges. Dr. William Baughman's new book Speak Softly, Love Loudly: UnCommon Sense for Raising Healthy and Successful Kids addresses these challenges. The world too often is void of necessary answers, but full of useless substitutes, dangers and distractions.

So, how can we put our children on the path to happiness, health, and success? What will keep them there so that they may reach their God-given potential? We must return to the forgotten principles of common sense. These are proven means of guiding children that today have become uncommon. Through the pages of Speak Softly, Love Loudly the reader will: - Learn the principles that most parents and many experts have forgotten. - Recognize what truly motivates and works to mold children. - Understand the difference between what children want and need. - Touch the hearts and minds of children with love through discipline. - Know how to overcome the obstacles to their happiness and success. - Protect children from the dangers of the world as well as themselves. - Savor the satisfying difference made by uncommon sense. 'He has the unique ability to take the clinical and make it practical...he is a professional who speaks to you rather than at you.' C.S. Turner



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