When God Says Remember


When God Says Remember



We all have things we need to remember-birthdays, anniversaries, things we intend to buy at the grocery store, and meetings we are supposed to attend. What's more, if someone you really care about asks you to remember something, you go to great lengths not to forget. But what if God tells you to remember something? God does tell us to remember many things. In When God Says Remember, author Sandra Harner challenges you with nine specific things that God wants you to remember, as revealed in nine Bible verses. When God commands us to remember something, as he does in these verses, we know it must be vital. Harner explores what could happen if you fail to remember as God commanded and encourages you to record your memories along the way. In today's world, we may sometimes lose sight of the importance of remembering and sharing the memories of the great works of God in the lives of biblical figures, as well as the great works of God in our lives. When God Says Remember helps us to recall these important memories, engage in a deeper study of the Bible, and grow in our Christian walks.



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