Walking with God: Enjoying God's Presence From Morning to Night


Walking with God: Enjoying God's Presence From Morning to Night



Do you long to experience more of God every day? It's hard to be consistent in daily devotions, and even when we are, there's often a disconnect between our "quiet time" and the rest of our time. If you feel pulled between a burning desire for God and the pressing needs of family, work, and ministry, you know how hard it can be to maintain a vibrant relationship with God. But spiritual intimacy isn't reserved for the elite few who do it all right—it’s for all those who seek God with all their might. Throughout history people have discovered fullness of joy in God’s presence, even when reading the Bible wasn’t an option. You can learn to do the same. Join Asheritah in this four-week devotional filled with personal stories, Biblical teaching, and practical applications. The book "Walking with God" will help you... • overcome common obstacles to spiritual growth • exchange clichéd formulas for a lifestyle of intimacy with God • practice God’s presence during your daily tasks • walk with God long after you've exchanged "quiet time" for "go time" You weren’t meant to walk this journey alone. The Father called you, Jesus redeemed you, and the Spirit indwells you. So walk with Him.



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