Where Darkness Lies


Where Darkness Lies



It is three years since that fateful night at the Ancient Ruins of Monnete. Cruel visions remind Wynn of her failure and the high price that was paid. There is no peace on Terrah or in her heart. She merely exists in the slums of Tremaen etching out a life as a healer for the damned. Here there is only survival. Here there is only bitterness and pain. Here, her only wish is for the world to leave her alone. Here is where darkness lies. But providence is not bound by wishes and it is not afraid of the dark. The ancient prophecy will be fulfilled with or without cooperation from Emperor Poros and his dark army. Two lives are bound by prophetic will; a Cardinal and a Healer. Seven days will change their direction and their future. Though each can choose how they will face their destiny, neither can choose when their destiny will face them. Wynn fights against the past that keeps her alone without hope or purpose. Cardinal Breck makes his final attack agaisnt the one man standing between him and world domination.



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Fiction, good and evil


One Another Living Books


Richland, WA


Creative Writing | Fiction


Class of 1981