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Aerial Videography (2000)

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1/2" Betamax videocassette tape

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October 23, 2015


There is no audio on this video.

This video contains miscellaneous content, listed below with approximate timing:

0:00-3:13 - John Bryan State Park (?)
3:13-6:10 - Corwin's Corny Maze at Young's Jersey Dairy
6:10-9:30 - Cedarville University track practice
9:30-22:00 - Campus, including athletic facilities and activities
22:00-35:18 - Surrounding area, including farms
35:18-36:45 - Village of Cedarville
36:45-38:20 - Cedarville University campus
38.20-40:34 - Little Miami River


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Cedarville, university, village, Young's Jersey Dairy, corn maze, Little Miami River, Cedarville athletics, aerial, video

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