Other Followers of Jesus: Minor Characters as Major Figures in Mark's Gospel


Other Followers of Jesus: Minor Characters as Major Figures in Mark's Gospel


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The Gospel of Mark includes a series of similar episodes in which he presents minor characters and their response to Jesus. These individuals are neither disciples nor opponents of Jesus but rather people who are drawn, in a broad sense, from the crowd. Mark presents these characters either as suppliants or as those who exemplify a proper response to Jesus and his way. The purpose of this narrative study is to explore the effect of Mark's presentation of minor characters on the reader. It traces Mark's treatment of these individuals through the narrative and shows how Mark's presentation of minor characters moves the reader toward an acceptance of the demands of following Jesus.




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Dr. Williams teaches the New Testament Literature course in the Bible minor and courses on the Gospels and New Testament Greek for students who have a major within the School of Biblical and Theological Studies. The goal of these courses is to help students study the Bible for themselves and understand its message and relevance to their lives. His primary area of research relates to the literary aspects of Mark's Gospel and on how its narrative features communicate and influence its readers.

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