This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Presentations from 2017

Filling a Void: A Call for Christian Leaders to Support Novice Teachers through Formal Mentoring Programs, Lynn G. Roper, Erin E. Weber, and Cynthia K. Messer

Toward a Biblical Paradigm for Women's Epistemological Development, Erin Shaw

George Washington: Man of Principle and Integrity, Kevin F. Sims

Got Pharmacy? How to Utilize Pharmacists in Your Clinic, Andrew M. Straw

Technology in the Flipped Classroom, Andrew M. Straw

Assisted Suicide: Shifting Paradigms of Physician-assisted Death, Dennis M. Sullivan

Bioethics and the Christian, Dennis M. Sullivan

Brain Death: New Ethical Controversies, Dennis M. Sullivan

Contraceptives and Pharmacist Rights of Conscience, Dennis M. Sullivan

Current Controversies in Medical Ethics, Dennis M. Sullivan

Ethics, Persons, and Policies: Bioethics for Today, Dennis M. Sullivan

Lethal Injection and the Pharmacy Profession, Dennis M. Sullivan

The Ethics of the Charlie Gard Case, Dennis M. Sullivan


How the Coconino Sandstone of the Grand Canyon Supports Young-Earth Creation and a Global Flood, John H. Whitmore


Rounding of Quartz and K-Feldspar Sand From Beach to Dune Settings Along the California and Oregon Coastlines: Implications for Ancient Sandstones, John H. Whitmore and Raymond Strom

Two-phase Solutions of the Cubic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation, Otis C. Wright III

Submissions from 2016

Integrating 3D Printing and the Balanced Scorecard into the First Year Business Course, Harry Anderson and John D. Delano

Chaos in Dendritic Julia Sets, Nathan Averbeck and Brian E. Raines

Distributional Chaos in Dendritic and Circular Julia Sets, Nathan Averbeck and Brian E. Raines


The Impact of Free Health Screenings at Community Pharmacies on Diabetes, Jeb Ballentine, Emily M. Laswell, Anna M. Staudt, Jacques N. Allou, Jeniffer George, Jessica E. Amtower, and Nicholas C. Daniels

Girls Soccer: Nutrition and Hydration, Carolyn A. Barnett

APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program, Jeffrey A. Bates

APhA Career Pathway Evaluation Program, Jeffrey A. Bates

Are You Ready to Rummmble? Harnessing Conflict to Assure Excellent Care in Pharmacy Practice Environments, Jeffrey A. Bates

Empathy: Assuring Great Care by Focusing on Others, Jeffrey A. Bates

Biblical Integration for Christian School Faculty, Eddie K. Baumann

Common Threads in Arts and Humanities, Zachariah Benson

Gallery Talk, Zachariah Benson

The Effect of Taper-Trunnion Angular Mismatch and Surface Finish on Trunnion Fretting: Finite Element Analysis, K. M. Bradley, Timothy L. Norman, P. M. Lawrence, S. Gardner, and T. K. Fehring

Using a Christian Philosophy to Incorporate Spiritual Assessment in Practice and Research, Sharon K. Christman and Elizabeth A. Delaney

NCAA Membership Process, Teresa G. Clark

Automated Therapeutic Drug Monitoring - System Lists and Beyond, Justin W. Cole

Pediatric Neurology, Justin W. Cole

Examining the Structural Determinants of Protocadherin-19 Function in Brain Morphogenesis and Epilepsy, Sharon Cooper, James D. Jontes, and Marcos Sotomayor

Athletic Training Students' Perceptions on Preparation to Administer Spiritual Care to Future Patients, April D. Crommett

Combating Compassion Fatigue in Oncology Nursing, Elizabeth A. Delaney


The Unknown Message, Dan DeWitt

Depression, Kristin DeWitt

Worn Out by Worry, Kristin DeWitt

Exceptionalism versus Globalization, Glen M.E. Duerr

Its Not Easy Being Green: Party Competition in Denmark and How it Shapes the Salience of Environmental Issues, Glen M.E. Duerr


Second-Tier Secessionism in Europe: How Has Support for Independence in Wales, Wallonia, and Galicia Changed with Increasing Claims in Scotland, Flanders, and Catalonia?, Glen M.E. Duerr

10 Ways to Prepare Your Child to Be Successful in College, Jeremy Ervin

Active Learning Pedagogy, Jeremy Ervin

ACT/SAT Mathematical Test Preparation, Jeremy Ervin


Are You a Connected Educator?, Jeremy Ervin

Be a Connected Educator in the 21st Century Classroom, Jeremy Ervin

Be a Connected Educator Through Pinterest, Jeremy Ervin

Be a Connected Educator Through Twitter, Jeremy Ervin


Being a Lead Learner with ICT Literacy, Jeremy Ervin


Create a Blended Learning Environment, Jeremy Ervin

Developing Your Professional Learning Network: How Twitter Will Impact Your Science Teaching, Jeremy Ervin


Improve Student Achievement Through the SMART Board, Jeremy Ervin

Scientific Literacy: 21st Century Inquiry for College-Readiness, Jeremy Ervin

Scientific Literacy: 21st Century Inquiry for College-Readiness, Jeremy Ervin

The Mindset of the 21st-century Learner, Jeremy Ervin

Understanding by Design Stage 1: Identify Desired Results, Jeremy Ervin

Understanding by Design Stage 2: Determine Acceptable Evidence, Jeremy Ervin

Understanding by Design Stage 3: Plan Learning Experiences and Instruction, Jeremy Ervin

Using Scientific Literacy as a Reflective Practitioner, Jeremy Ervin

Using Co-teaching and Professional Development to Develop Competent, Effective Master Teachers, Jeremy Ervin and Timothy L. Heaton

Psalms & Hebrew Poetry, Daniel J. Estes


Joint Injection for the Advanced Practice Nurse, Clifford W. Fawcett III

Tips for Teaching the Tricky Topics, Lori Ferguson and Sarah Gilchrist

The Six Stages of OCD: A Qualitative Analysis, Michael W. Firmin, Kari E. Barnhill, Hannah W. Foster, and Lynley G. Turkelson

Implications of APA and ACA Ethical Code Differences Pertaining to Research, Michael W. Firmin, Kristin DeWitt, Aubrey Gillette, Taylor E. Hobbs, and Lauren A. Kuhlwein

A Qualitative Assessment of Military Kids: Instabilities and Constants, Michael W. Firmin, Aubrey Gillette, and Taylor E. Hobbs

Effects of Olfactory Sense on Craving, Michael W. Firmin, Aubrey Gillette, and Taylor E. Hobbs

Perspectives Regarding Motivations for Adoption by Christian Adoptive Parents: A Qualitative Study, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, Kelly Pugh, Valerie Sohn, and Emily N. Gentry

You Can Do It!: Assessing (and Re-assessing) Your Web Presence for Student Satisfaction, Joseph Fox, Kristi L. Coe, Tricia L. Clark, and Linda Divan

Impact of Using Team-based Learning in Patient Education on Diabetes Outcomes, Tracy R. Frame, Juanita A. Draime, and Thaddeus T. Franz

Transitions of Care: Barriers and Opportunities for Pharmacists, Thaddeus T. Franz

Healing Effects of Sound Nutrition and Fitness, Kathleen Freese and April D. Crommett

NCAA Division II Athletics, Alan Geist

LXX Reading of Deuteronomy 33:2, John R. Gilhooly

Occasionalism, Prediction, and Scientific Realism, John R. Gilhooly

The Mystery of the Trinity in Gregory of Nazianzus, John R. Gilhooly

One Church’s Journey in Mission: Start Up, Course Correction or Carrying On?, Margaret Grigorenko

An Examination of Academic Language and Collective Memories as Expanded Teaching Strategies in an After-School Enrichment Program, Margaret Grigorenko, Betty Ruth Sylvester, and S. Dixon

Collective Memory Servicing Disciplinary Literacy in an Out-of-School Program, Margaret Grigorenko, Betty Ruth Sylvester, and S. Dixon

Teaching Adversarial Thinking for Cybersecurity, Seth Hamman


Biblical Critique of Crony Capitalism, Jeffrey E. Haymond


Delegation and Empowerment, Timothy L. Heaton


Handbook of Instructional Leadership, Timothy L. Heaton


Personal Organization, Timothy L. Heaton


The Essential Connection Between a Safe and Secure School Climate and Students’ Educational and Life Success, Timothy L. Heaton


The Multicultural Classroom, Timothy L. Heaton


Time Management, Timothy L. Heaton


Understanding Diversity, Timothy L. Heaton


What Great Principals Do Differently: 15 Things That Matter Most, Timothy L. Heaton

Student Integrity in the 21st Century, Nelson L. Henning

Exploring the Professor-Student Relationship After Life-Threatening Trauma, George E. Huff

Visual Design for Worship: Color, Type and Image, Aaron C. Huffman

Visual Design for Worship: Visual Elements & Principles, Aaron C. Huffman

Influencing the Future of Nursing by Building Leadership in Baccalaureate Nursing Students, Carrie N. Keib and Carolyn A. Barnett

Introduction to Health Promotion and Wellness, Kristine H. Kidder and Kristi L. Coe

Virtue, Kristine H. Kidder and Janet Conway


Good News, God's Promises and a Grim Warning, Jeremy M. Kimble

I Will Be Their God, They Will Be My People: Trinitarian Doctrine and the Ontology of the Church, Jeremy M. Kimble

A Thoughtful Technophobia, Joshua Kira