This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Submissions from 2014

Post-learning Stress Facilitates Long-term Memory Consolidation, David M. Peters, P. R. Zoladz, and R. L. Aufdenkampe

Post-learning Stress Facilitates Long-term Memory Consolidation, David M. Peters, P. R. Zoladz, and R. L. Aufdenkampe

ADRA2B Deletion Variant Selectively Predicts Stress-induced Enhancement of Long-term Memory in Females, David M. Peters, P. R. Zoladz, A. E. Kalchik, M. M. Hoffman, R. L. Aufdenkampe, and S. M. Lyle

Welcome to Room 3C: Compassionate, Compelling Classroom, Susan Plemons

Singing with Freedom, Beth Cram Porter

Leadership Course, Loren M. Reno

Logistics Leadership, Loren M. Reno

Should We Trust Our Instincts - or the Data?, Loren M. Reno

Conference Presentation, David L. Rich


Freedom and the Law, David L. Rich, John E. Hart, Robert Vaughn, and J. J. Ventrella

Yes, I Still Want to Leverage Unidata!, David Rotman

Yes, I Still Want to Leverage Unidata!, David Rotman

Coverage, Capacity, Currency: Cedarville University Migrates to 802.11 ac WLAN to Support Vision of 21st Century Learning, David Rotman and Timothy E. Kelly

802.11ac: The Next Generation Wi-Fi for an All-wireless Campus, David Rotman, Gary Rolfsen, and Timothy E. Kelly

Peru, Missions in the Andes, Peter J. Savard

Action Heroes!, Dawn A. Schluetz

Here vs. There: Approaches to Teaching History and Culture in the U.S. and Abroad, Annis N. Shaver and Louise M. Grandouiller

Inner-Biblical Exegesis and Intertexts, Michael B. Shepherd

Implementing a Team-based Learning Pedagogy in an Integrated Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology Course, Denise S. Simpson and Rebecca J. Gryka


Bereans at the Gate: Q & A, Mark Caleb Smith


Religious Freedom and the Constitution, Mark Caleb Smith

The Mid-Term Elections, Mark Caleb Smith


Political Science Workshop, Mark Caleb Smith, Jennifer Marshall, and Thomas Farr

Effects of Kinesio Tape Versus Sham Tape on Endurance Ratio of the Gastrocnemius Muscle, Hannah L. Stedge

Osteoporosis: Disease State and Treatment Overview, Andrew M. Straw

Bioethics and the Christian, Dennis M. Sullivan

Clinical Ethics Immersion, Dennis M. Sullivan

Embryos, Metaphysics, and Morals: Human Personhood and the New Biotechnologies, Dennis M. Sullivan

Stem Cell Research and the Image of God, Dennis M. Sullivan

The Ethics of Abortion, Dennis M. Sullivan

Where Do Ethical Rules Come From?, Dennis M. Sullivan

Consider a Professional Development Retreat, Janice L. Supplee

Clinical Services Reduce Prescription Drug Costs, Marc A. Sweeney

Creating an Innovative Health Delivery Model, Marc A. Sweeney

Managing Febrile Neutropenia in an Oncology Patient, Marc A. Sweeney

Physician – Pharmacist Collaborative Practice: Optimizing Outcomes, Marc A. Sweeney

The Profession is Positioned Well, Marc A. Sweeney

Convincing Employers to Pay for MTM Services, Marc A. Sweeney and T. Ash

Physician-Pharmacist Collaborative Practice: Optimizing Outcomes, Marc A. Sweeney and D. Parker

Big, Bad Bruce's Map and Other Visual Texts: Changing Ways to Represent Textual Understanding, Betty Ruth Sylvester


"If Flip Flops Were the Size of Your Front Door": Using Picture Books to Promote Receptive and Expressive Visual Literacy, Betty Ruth Sylvester and Vanessa Pitts Bannister

Big, Bad Bruce’s Map and Other Visual Ways to Demonstrate Understanding, Betty Ruth Sylvester and V. Pitts Banister

Speciknee: An Engineering Software Tool for Design of Simple Four-bar Prosthesis Joints for Above-knee Amputees, Thomas J. Thompson

Evaluation of Multi-course Integrated Learning on Pharmacy Student Confidence in Self-Care Counseling, Phillip L. Thornton, Aleda M.H. Chen, Thaddeus T. Franz, Tracy R. Frame, Jeb Ballentine, Neal S. Fox, and Kelly J. Wright

Friedrich Schleiermacher's Reformulation of the Reformed Doctrine of Predestination: Ecclesiological Implications, Paul R. Thorsell

Is the Pot Accusing the Kettle? Schleiermacher's Repudiation of Dordrecht in His Essay, 'On the Doctrine of Election', Paul R. Thorsell

Infantile Spasms Respond Poorly to Topiramate Monotherapy, A. B. Weber, Justin W. Cole, and J. R. Mytinger


Preparing Next Generation Leaders For a Post-Marriage Culture, Thomas White

Cedarville University Geology Program, John Whitmore

The Coconino Sandstone of the Grand Canyon, John Whitmore

Jesus as Lord in the Gospel of Mark, Joel F. Williams

Catharine Maria Sedgwick and Elizabeth Keckley in St. Louis: Reading "Volitional Movements" in “The Great Excursion to the Falls of St. Anthony” and Behind the Scenes; or, Thirty Years a Slave, and Four Years in the White House, Michelle M. Wood

A Deadly Affair: Getting to the Heart of Nicotine Addiction, Kelly J. Wright

Impact of a Pharmacist-Managed Smoking Cessation Program, Kelly J. Wright

Christian Pharmacists Fellowship International (CPFI) Core Values and Chapter Advancement, Kelly J. Wright, Miriam A. Ansong, and Marissa Cushing

Asthma Knowledge, Control, and Administration Techniques in Hispanic Caregivers of Pediatrics, Kelly J. Wright, Joshua Arnold, Rachel Culp, Kyle Hultz, Benjamin Robertson, and Amy Wuobio

Elliptic Solutions of a Coupled Nonlinear Schrodinger System, Otis C. Wright III

Juggling as an Introduction to Mathematical Thinking, Otis C. Wright III

An Examination of Music Education Programs at the Paris Conservatoire and the Sorbonne: Assessment and Adaptations for the Twenty-first Century, Sandra S. Yang

In the World or Of the World: Ongoing Debates on the Nature and Meaning of Music in Christian Worship, Sandra S. Yang

Presentations from 2013

Preparing a Private Music Studio, Connie A. Anderson

Fish Oils and Heart Health, Douglas C. Anderson

Vision for the Center for Global Health Education, Miriam A. Ansong

Structure of the Day: Practical Innovative Technology-based Activity to Enhance Students’ Learning Through Inter-Departmental Collaboration, Miriam A. Ansong and Denise S. Simpson

The Reality of Rest, Rebecca M. Baker

Advanced ABG Interpretation, Carolyn A. Barnett

GI Bleed, Carolyn A. Barnett

Minority Women's Health: Are You My Neighbor?, Carolyn A. Barnett

Use of Minipigs in Juvenile Toxicity Studies, Melissa J. Beck


Cedarville Through the Eyes of a Farmer's Wife: The Martha McMillan Journals, 1867-1913, Lynn A. Brock

Martha McMillan's Cedarville, Lynn A. Brock

U.S. Presidents and the Bible, Lynn A. Brock

How to Take Your Medicine, A. Broussard, B. McIntyre, and Jeffrey L. Huston

Integrating Faculty Scholarship and Undergraduate Design Projects in Engineering Competition Teams, Gerald M. Brown

Christ in the OT, Christopher R. Bruno

Jesus as the True Israel: A Preliminary Biblical-Theological Investigation of the Remnant Theme, Christopher R. Bruno

Assessment of Changes in Cultural Competence and Health Literacy Knowledge in First-year Student Pharmacists, S. Cailor, Aleda M. H. Chen, and Tracy R. Frame

Assessment of Student Confidence in Research and Evidence-based Practice, Stephanie M. Cailor, Aleda M. H. Chen, M. E. Kiersma, and Carrie N. Keib

Health Behavior Change, Ginger D. Cameron

Health Information Literacy, Ginger D. Cameron


Heart Smart: Healthy Living and Prevention of Chronic Disease, Ginger D. Cameron

Stress and Remote Employees, Ginger D. Cameron

Understanding Immunizations, Ginger D. Cameron

Understanding Influenza, Ginger D. Cameron

Teaching Technical Communication Tools without Letting Them Take Over the Class, Nicholas A. Carrington

Design and Optimization, Robert Chasnov

Seeing the Light: Engaging Students Using Active Learning for Social & Administrative Science Concepts, Aleda M. H. Chen

Getting Started in Research, Aleda M.H. Chen

Mentee to Mentor: Development in the Journey of Life, Aleda M.H. Chen

Rubric Development, Aleda M.H. Chen

Setting Goals and Sticking with It, Aleda M.H. Chen

The Last Stop: Tools for Effective Cross-Cultural Medication Counseling, Aleda M.H. Chen

Trends in Pharmacy Practice, Aleda M.H. Chen

Why Don’t You Just Take Your Medication?, Aleda M.H. Chen

Why Don't You Just Take Your Medication? Education Strategies for Patient Medication Compliance, Aleda M.H. Chen

Writing a Journal Article in 1 Semester, Aleda M.H. Chen

Psychometric Properties of an Instrument to Assess Student Confidence in Research, Aleda M. H. Chen, Carrie N. Keib, and M. E. Kiersma


Spirit: A Biblical Study, Sharon K. Christman
The Research and Scholarship Symposium

Neurological Diseases and Use of Schedule II Barbiturates, Justin W. Cole

A Comparison of the Effect of Short Intermittent and Prolonged Intermittent Infusion of Meropenem on the Prevalence of Nausea in Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Marissa Cushing, Juanita A. Draime, Bao-Ngoc Ho, Jordan Nicholls, Bethany Sibbitt, Rebecca Widder, Pat Christoff, Rebecca J. Gryka, and Denise S. Simpson