This collection showcases presentations made by Cedarville University faculty members at various conferences, workshops, and other public venues.


Submissions from 2018

The Opioid Epidemic, From Hopeless Dope to Dopeless Hope, Greg Delaney and Elizabeth A. Delaney

Tango Music for Violin and Piano, Carlos Elias

Making Peer Feedback an Effective Component of the TBL Instructional Strategy, Marty L. Eng and Sarah Lerchenfeldt

Finding Ideas and Resources for a Blended Learning Environment, Jeremy Ervin

It’s a Project-based World! Part 2: Engage Your Students and Community, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible: Measuring Understanding, Not Knowledge, Jeremy Ervin

Making Learning Visible, Part 2: Measuring Understanding, Jeremy Ervin

Emotions, Feelings, and Personhood, Joshua Kira and John R. Gilhooly

A Reevaluation of Ἰησοῦς in Hebrews 4:8: Joshua or Jesus?, Michael McKay

Stiffness of PLA and TPU 3D Printed Scaffolds for Tissue Engineering Applications, Timothy L. Norman, Amy E. Abraham, Michael S. Pickett, and Joey R. Morin

Where's the Evidence? Resources for Community-Level Interventions to Improve Health, Rachel L. Parrill and Carolyn A. Barnett

Citation of Jeremiah in the Composition of the Twelve, Michael B. Shepherd

Fruitful Pairings: Cross-disciplinary, Team-taught Experiments in Music History, Sandra S. Yang

Submissions from 2017

Presentation, Zachariah Benson


Precepting Tips for the New Practitioner, Jaclyn Boyle, Hannah Cross, Zachary N. Jenkins, and Emily M. Laswell


New Practitioners Networking Session, Jaclyn Boyle, Zachary N. Jenkins, and Emily M. Laswell

Conscience Rights of Pharmacists, Justin W. Cole

Pediatric Neurology, Justin W. Cole

Therapeutic Interchange: Change for the Better?, Justin W. Cole

Migraine Headaches: Myths, Treatments, & Controversies, Justin W. Cole and Kimberly Tallian

The Mechanism of Protocadherin-19 Mediated Adhesion and Its Role in Brain Morphogenesis and Female Epilepsy, Sharon Cooper, James D. Jontes, and Marcos Sotomayor

Establishing a Cognitive Understanding of Cyber Reverse Engineering Tasks, Patrick P. Dudenhofer and Adam Bryant

Explaining Why Secession is Difficult in Well-established Democracies: Theoretical Lessons, Glen M.E. Duerr

President Trump Needs a Foreign BFF, Glen M.E. Duerr

Secessionism and NATO: The Theoretical and Practical Implications of Independence Movements in the North Atlantic, Glen M.E. Duerr

Being a Connected Educator in the 21st Century Christian Classroom and Edcamps: The How-to of a Free Unconference for Local Professional Development for Any Size School, Jeremy Ervin

Critical Thinking for Mathematical Retention and Success, Jeremy Ervin

Focus on Learning, Jeremy Ervin

Focus on Learning Through a STEM Model, Jeremy Ervin

GROW: Teaching in Relationship, Learning in Community, Jeremy Ervin

It’s a Project-based World! Part 1 – Gold Standard Approach, Jeremy Ervin

Making Sense of Your Science Teaching Through Reflective Practice, Jeremy Ervin

Professional Development Forum, Jeremy Ervin

Professional Development Workshops, Jeremy Ervin

Top 10 Ways to Prepare Your Child to Be Successful at College, Jeremy Ervin

Critical Thinking in the Classroom, Lori Ferguson

Grit and Perseverance, Lori Ferguson

Hands-on Math, Lori Ferguson

Previous Department Chairs' Advice to Their Successors, Michael Firmin, Cindy Sui-Cheung, Elizabeth Axtell, David Chuang, and Syndey Dosier

Social Interactions of Students Who Only Attended Christian Schools from Kindergarten-12th Grade: A Qualitative Study, Michael Firmin, Cindy Sui-Cheung, Elizabeth Axtell, Elizabeth Stokes, David Chuang, and Sydney Dosier

Philosophical and Altruistic Motivations Shared Among Public Defenders, Michael W. Firmin and Ying-Ruey Chuang

Reported Challenges of Serving as a Public Defender, Michael W. Firmin and Ying-Ruey Chuang

Contacting State Psychology Licensure Boards: General Unresponsiveness to Public Inquiry, Michael W. Firmin, Heidi M. Gibbs, Alyssa M. Massaro, and Reina C. Soczka

Clinical Differences between the APA and NASP Ethical Codes, Michael W. Firmin, Lauren A. Kuhlwein, Nicole M. Tiffan, and Heidi M. Gibbs

Personal Impacts of a Full-Time Firefighting Career, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, Heidi Gibbs, Lauren Kuhlwein, and Nicole Tiffan

Developmental Results of Military Kids’ Upbringing: A Qualitative Analysis, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, Taylor E. Hobbs, Aubrey Gillette, and Hannah Foster

Emotional Effects of a Full-Time Firefighting Career, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, Lauren A. Kuhlwein, Heidi Gibbs, and Nicole M. Tiffan

Outcomes of Adoption for Christian Adoptive Parents: A Qualitative Study, Michael W. Firmin, Ruth L. Markham, K. C. Pugh, Valerie Sohn, and Emily N. Gentry

Personal Frustrations Experienced in a Full-Time Firefighting Career, Michael W. Firmin, Nicole M. Tiffan, Heidi M. Gibbs, and Lauren A. Kuhlwein

Marked Lifestyle Changes in First Year College Women, Michael W. Firmin, Taryn Viers, and Mojadesinuola Adejokun

Teaching Scholarship as Conversation: A Case Study, Jeffery S. Gates

Mixed-Race and Vagueness, John R. Gilhooly

GROW: Teaching in Relationship, Learning in Community, Margaret Grigorenko

Transformation for Every Child: Differentiated Teaching to Address Individual Needs, Margaret Grigorenko

Transforming Hearts and Minds: Classroom Strategies for Aligning Faith and Learning, Margaret Grigorenko


Cybersecurity Curriculum Development Initiatives, Seth Hamman and Kenneth M. Hopkinson


Hybrid Solution of Nonlinear Stochastic Optimal Control Problems Using Legendre Pseudospectral and Generalized Polynomial Chaos Algorithms, Frederick G. Harmon

I Can’t Take Him a Picture of My Church: How One Man’s Religious Experience Helped to Take Me Beyond the Limits of Photovoice, Andrew J. Harris


Christianity and the Supply Side, Jeffrey E. Haymond

The Metaphysics of Grace and Its Application to Race Relations, Joshua Kira

The Role of Revelation in Early Reformation Systematic Theologies, Joshua Kira

An Educational Intervention to Improve Pharmacy Student Empathy for Patients on Hemodialysis, Emily M. Laswell

Creating an Engaging Rotation, Emily M. Laswell

Evaluation of a Sepsis Teaching Rounds Simulation for Pharmacy Students, Emily M. Laswell

Got Empathy? Integrating and Assessing Curricular Initiatives to Address Student Empathy, Emily M. Laswell

Implementation and Assessment of the Use of Case Reports to Emphasize Quality of Life in a Gastrointestinal Diseases Module, Emily M. Laswell

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), David B. Leitch

Applied Behavior Analysis and Corrections, David B. Leitch

Models of Behavior as Seen Through a Christian Worldview, David B. Leitch

Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS), David B. Leitch

When Problem Behavior Impacts Learning, David B. Leitch

Roles of Cooperating Teachers in International Classrooms, Brenda B. MacKay and Annis N. Shaver

Along-dip Textural Trends in the Permian Coconino Sandstone from Thin Section and Laser Diffraction Particle Analysis, Sarah A. Maithel, Brand Leonard, and John H. Whitmore

A Comparative Study of Luther's Understanding of the Jews in His Lectures on Galatians from 1519 and 1535, William M. Marsh

Luther's Use of Prosopological Exegesis in the Gospel of John for His Trinitarian Understanding, William M. Marsh

Wittenberg Theologians and the Jews during the Reformation, William M. Marsh

Benchworks & AACN: A Partnership to Help Drive Nursing Program Improvement, Angelia Mickle

Leading on Empty: Finding Inspiration When You’ve Lost Your Motivation, Roger L. O'Neel

Natural Singing, Roger L. O'Neel

Overcoming Blah, Blah, Blah: Creativity in Worship, Roger L. O'Neel

Shepherding Your Child’s Heart, Roger L. O'Neel

The Flow of a Worship Service, Roger L. O'Neel

Worship and the Word, Roger L. O'Neel

Worshiper: A Biblical Portrait, Roger L. O'Neel


Institutional Racism, 'Horizontal Spiritual Warfare,' and Ephesians 6:10-17, Mark D. Owens

Are You an Extremist or an Upstreamist?, Rachel Parrill

Integrating Faith and Health, Rachel Parrill

Opinions of Health Professions Students Towards the Social Determinants of Health, Rachel Parrill, Ginger Cameron, B. Kinney, and Jeffrey L. Huston

Ceftriaxone vs Antipseudomonal Beta-lactams for the Treatment of Common AmpC-producing Organisms, David M. Peters

Ceftriaxone vs. Antipseudomonal Beta-lactams for the Treatment of Common AmpC Producing Organisms, David M. Peters

Pneumonia Order Set Use Review, David M. Peters

Pneumonia Order Set Use Review, David M. Peters

When Blood is Thinner than Water: An Analysis of VerifyNow Assay in Neurointervention, David M. Peters

Multicultural Worship, Susan Plemons

Next Gen Blend, Susan Plemons

Rx for Vocal Struggles, Susan Plemons

The Application of Estil Voice Training in the Collegiate Contemporary Voice Studio, Susan Plemons

The Daughters of the King: Leading the Worship Ministry, Susan Plemons

Worship and the Word, Susan Plemons

Exploring Trauma Culture Through a Study Abroad Program, Lynn G. Roper and Betty Ruth Sylvester