Submissions from 1976


Covalent Amination. Substituent Effects on the Site of Addition of Ammonia to Quaternized Pyridines and Pyrazines, John A. Zoltewicz, Larry S. Helmick, and John K. O'Halloran

Submissions from 1975


Spectroscopic Evidence for the Tetraamminecopper(ll) Complex in a Y-Type Zeolite, Dennis R. Flentge, J. H. Lunsford, P. A. Jacobs, and J. B. Uytterhoewn

Origin and Maintenance of Optical Activity, Larry S. Helmick

His Answers to our Anxieties, James T. Jeremiah

Principles and Techniques of Officiating, Pamela S. Johnson

Creating a Successful Christian Marriage, Cleveland McDonald and Philip McDonald

Critical Observations of Identity Rhetoric in Representative Strategies of the American Jewish Community, James R. Phipps


Ammonia Oxidation Over Cu(II)NaY Zeolites, W. Burton Williamson, Dennis R. Flentge, and Jack H. Lunsford

Dissertations from 1974

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance and Infrared Studies of the Tetraamminecopper(II) Complex in a Y Zeolite, Dennis R. Flentge


New Testament Survey, Robert Glenn Gromacki

Dosser Papers Record Bontoc Mining Opposition: Historical Perspective, Frank L. Jenista

Problems of the Colonial Civil Service: An Illustration from the Career of Manuel L. Quezon, Frank L. Jenista


Anatomical, Physiological and Hematological Effects of Training and Competition on Female Intercollegiate Basketball Players, Pamela S. Johnson, Dee Morris, and E. L. Fox

The Beatitudes Are for Today, George L. Lawlor

Ecology Is for the Birds.... and All of God's Outdoors, Joy Mackay

Communications in a Crisis: The Needs of a Community for Information Immediately Following a Major Disaster - A Study of the Time Period Following the Xenia Tornado, James R. Phipps

Books from 1973

Salvation is Forever, Robert Glenn Gromacki

Addition of Amide Ion to Isoquinoline and Quinoline in Liquid Ammonia. NMR Spectra of Anionic Sigma Complexes, Larry S. Helmick

Problems of the Colonial Civil Service: An Illustration from the Career of Manuel L. Quezon, Frank L. Jenista

Almah--Virgin or Young Woman?, George L. Lawlor


Ionization in Liquid Ammonia of Methyl and Amino Groups Bonded to Pyridine and Pyrazine. A Method of Determining Their pKa Values, John A. Zoltewic and Larry S. Helmick


Covalent Amination of Heteroaromatic Compounds, John A. Zoltewicz, Terence M. Oestreich, John K. O'Halloran, and Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1972

Rarefied Gas Flow Through a Slit, Harwood A. Hegna

Phenyllithium Addition Reactions of Some Polyazaindenes, Larry S. Helmick

The Importance of Inspiration, James T. Jeremiah

Translation and Exposition of the Epistle of Jude, George L. Lawlor

Target Shooting with the Smallbore Rifle, Dee Morris


Anionic Sigma Complexes Between Amide Ions and the Diazines in Liquid Ammonia, John A. Zoltewicz and Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1971

The Philippine Assembly from 1907-1913, Frank L. Jenista


Charles Hammond, Egalitarian-Whig: An Analysis of the Political Philosophy of a Federalist-Whig Editor and its Implications Concerning the Traditional Concept of Jacksonian Democracy, J. Murray Murdoch

Books from 1970

Are These the Last Days?, Robert Glenn Gromacki

A Study of the Availability and Usage of Broadcast Media in Rural Societies of Africa and India, James R. Phipps

Dissertations from 1968

Some Aspects of Triazaindene and Tetraazaindene Chemistry, Larry Helmick

Position of Protonation and of N-Methylation in the s-Triazolo(1,5-a)pyrimidine Ring System, Larry S. Helmick

Some Aspects of Triazaindene and Tetraazaindene Chemistry, Larry S. Helmick


Acid- and Base-Catalyzed Deuterium-Protium Exchange on Some Polyazaindenes, William W. Paudler and Larry S. Helmick


Mass Spectra of Some Di- and Triazaindenes, William W. Paudler, james E. Kuder, and Larry S. Helmick

Continuous Evangelism in the Local Church, Lee C. Turner

Books from 1967

The Modern Tongues Movement, Robert Glenn Gromacki

Hydrogen-Deuterium Exchange in Some Polyazaindenes, Larry S. Helmick

Submissions from 1966

Ten pi-Electron Nitrogen Heterocyclic Compounds: X The Syntheses and Structure Determinations of Some 1,2,4-Triazolopyrimidines, Larry S. Helmick


The History of Cedarville College, Cleveland McDonald

Books from 1962

Ohio Town, Helen Santmyer