History and Government Faculty Presentations



Submissions from 2017

Explaining Why Secession is Difficult in Well-established Democracies: Theoretical Lessons, Glen M.E. Duerr

President Trump Needs a Foreign BFF, Glen M.E. Duerr

George Washington: Man of Principle and Integrity, Kevin F. Sims

Submissions from 2016

Exceptionalism versus Globalization, Glen M.E. Duerr

Its Not Easy Being Green: Party Competition in Denmark and How it Shapes the Salience of Environmental Issues, Glen M.E. Duerr


Second-Tier Secessionism in Europe: How Has Support for Independence in Wales, Wallonia, and Galicia Changed with Increasing Claims in Scotland, Flanders, and Catalonia?, Glen M.E. Duerr


Hiring for the 21st Century Law Enforcement Officer: Challenges, Opportunities, and Strategies for Success, Patrick Oliver

U.S. Department of Justice Community Oriented Policing Service Office and Police Executive Research Forum Focus Group, Patrick Oliver

The 2016 Presidential Election, David L. Rich

God and Politics: In Whom Do I Trust?, Kevin F. Sims

The Protestant Roots of the Secularization of Knowledge in American Higher Education, Richard P. Tison

Protecting and Preserving Our Principles: The Supreme Court and Your School, Robert Vaughn

Submissions from 2015

Citizenship, Migration, and State Policies in Western Europe, Glen M.E. Duerr

Secessionism and the Arctic: Subnational Disputes Affecting Arctic Sovereignty Claims, Glen M.E. Duerr

Secessionist Aspirations at the Ballot Box: Unofficial Independence Referendums in Veneto and Catalonia, Glen M.E. Duerr

Chastity and Civil Freedom: Women's Political Wit in Rousseau's Letters to Geneva, Emily K. Ferkaluk

Motherhood in “Utopia”: The Drama Between Nature and Convention, Emily K. Ferkaluk

Recruitment, Selection, and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers, Patrick Oliver

Recruitment, Selection, and Retention of Law Enforcement Officers, Patrick Oliver

Gun Control in the United States, David L. Rich

The Ohio Heartbeat Bill, David L. Rich

Training Initiative at Cedarville University, David L. Rich

The State and Local Governments' War on Heroin, David L. Rich and Mike DeWine

History and Leadership, Kevin F. Sims

Legal Issues Facing Private, Religious Educational Institutions, Robert Vaughn