Reviewers’ Guidelines for Musical Offerings

As you complete your review for your assigned article, please comment on the following points in your review. This review will be sent to the author, unless you indicate that it is only to be read by the editors. Your name will not appear on any communication with the authors.

  • Is there a strong thesis that is well supported by quality examples or arguments?
  • Does the paper read well and is the line of thought easy to follow?
  • Are there significant grammatical errors that hinder the clarity of the message? If not, ignore small grammar errors or other small issues in formatting that can be easily fixed.
  • Comment on the scholarly quality of the references. Some bibliographies may include annotations, which would be removed for publication, but may help you know more about the sources.

At the conclusion of your review, please indicate your overall recommendation below:

  • Accept paper for publication with minor or no changes.
  • Accept paper for publication on the condition that major changes will be made.
  • Reject paper for publication, but encourage major revisions and resubmission.
  • Reject paper for publication as not fitting the scope, level, or requirements of Musical Offerings.