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Bioethics in Faith and Practice (Center for Bioethics)

ISSN 2374-1597

Bioethics in Faith and Practice is a peer-reviewed professional journal, published online twice a year, and supported by the Center for Bioethics at Cedarville University. The focus of the journal is health care ethics, but may also include articles of a more theoretical nature. Though the journal emphasizes Judeo-Christian values, we are open to a large variety of voices, including secular ones.

CedarEthics: A Journal of Critical Thinking in Bioethics (Center for Bioethics)

ISSN 2333-9713

CedarEthics is an undergraduate journal published by Cedarville University's Center for Bioethics. It ceased publication in 2014, when the Center began publication of its peer-reviewed journal, Bioethics in Faith and Practice.

Cedarville Review (Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages)

ISSN 2372-286X

Our mission is to compile the best undergraduate fiction, nonfiction, poetry, art, and photography. Our focus is to bring previously unheard, talented voices to the forefront. Our hope is to impact how college students think about and interact with art. We are committed to publishing excellent undergraduate writing, provoking discussion, and furthering the literary community.

Channels: Where Disciplines Meet

ISSN 2474-2651

Channels, a bi-annual undergraduate research journal, consists of faculty-mentored articles from various disciplines across campus. Each article is sponsored by a faculty member and will be published in digital and print format.

Channels strives to provoke thoughtful discussion among readers. Authors explore new ideas, generate creative solutions to existing problems, and develop knowledge in new ways.

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Excerpts in Pharmacy Research Journal (School of Pharmacy)

ISSN 2374-4693

Welcome to Excerpts in Pharmacy Research Journal.

The purpose of this journal is to introduce and build on pharmacy-focused research and practices that reflect early stages of pharmaceutical dosage and delivery and established clinically-focused practices that inform the professor, practitioners, Pharm.D. students, and residents. The goal is to provide opportunities for creative thought and application of content in all aspects of a pharmacy school, classroom, and practice.

Musical Offerings (Department of Music and Worship)

ISSN 2167-3799

Musical Offerings, published by the Department of Music and Worship at Cedarville University, is an online, undergraduate musicology journal whose mission is to publish articles on topics in any area of musicology, ethnomusicology, music history, or church music history.

Resuscitating Paideia: Reading Literature for Wisdom (Department of English, Literature, and Modern Languages)

ISSN 2375-7728

Welcome to Resuscitating Paideia: Reading Literature for Wisdom. In this journal, we feature pieces by scholars, in which they refract literary texts through the lens of a Christian paideia. We hope that this journal will prove a useful resource for Christian educators who long to draw students into close and meaningful relationships with texts. We welcome your submissions.

The Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism

TheThe Proceedings of the International Conference on Creationism is a collection of peer-reviewed technical papers which seek to develop and systematize the Creation Model of origins from a young earth perspective. The first issue of The Proceedings will be published after the 2018 conference.