The Cedarville Herald, the local newspaper of Cedarville, Ohio, was published under various names from 1877-1954. The first issue (December 20, 1877) was published under the name The Enterprise, and in February 1878, the name was changed to The Herald. By November 1899, the name had changed again, this time to The Cedarville Herald. In 1955, it merged with the Jamestown Journal (Jamestown, Ohio) to form the Greene County Journal. Unfortunately, this collection, when it is finished, will not be a complete run of the newspaper from 1877-1954; the first thirteen years are missing, as are the issues between July 2, 1892, and November 18, 1899, and all the issues after December 27, 1946.

There are two ways to view the newspaper, accessed from the links below. The Cedarville Herald features PDFs of each individual issue. The supplement features interactive "flip books", generally containing about one-half of each volume. Both versions are searchable from the search box in the sidebar. However, the supplements may provide an easier way to search and view the content.


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