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Identify with the People You Lead

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Podcast with Michael Easley - Description from Michael Easley's website: Join Michael as he teaches from Chapter 3 of Nehemiah and discusses the importance of identifying with the people you lead and enlisting the right workers with General Loren Reno.



A three-star general, author, professor, and Senior Advisor at Cedarville University, Lt. Gen. USAF (Ret) Loren Reno earned a BA in comprehensive science and education from Cedarville University,Ohio; an MS in systems management from University of Southern California; completed military and national security studies at Air University; graduate studies at Harvard University, Syracuse University, and University of North Carolina.

Loren loved teaching and coaching, and his path took him to both at the highest levels, before working his way up through the ranks in the military. During 38 years in the US Air Force, he was a 5-time commander in maintenance and logistics, served in combat, and led organizations small and large, before retiring in the grade of Lieutenant General. His wife and three children followed him as he moved from the flight lines at air bases to the corridors of the Pentagon, from positions in aircraft operations and maintenance to logistics and leadership. Presently the Senior Advisor at his alma mater, Cedarville University, Loren loves music, reading, and traveling, and he still teaches and coaches.

Author of 10 Leadership Maneuvers: A General’s Guide to Serving and Leading.


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