Animal Colony: A Cautionary Tale for Today


Animal Colony: A Cautionary Tale for Today



At the dawn of a killer colonial winter, starving and desperate to live, a brave band of animals escape the tyranny of their human masters. Led by a visionary stallion, they brave miles of wilderness and a treacherous river crossing to start a homeland of their own--Animal Colony. There, they find freedom and prosperity...for a while. But a strange new belief system invades Animal Colony. The humble beasts must then learn to tell truth from enticing lie, or risk losing everything for which they've fought and bled. Over fifty years ago, Animal Farm used a story of animals on a farm to almost single-handedly discredit Soviet Communism for an entire generation. Borrowing the same powerful technique, Animal Colony utilizes a collection of animals in an early American colony to illustrate what happens when a society turns to socialism. Animal Colony highlights the dangers of collectivism and socialism in a way that is both entertaining and informative. This little book is a powerful tool that cuts through media bias and makes a compelling argument for individual freedom and limited government. Brilliantly executed and concisely stated, Animal Colony is a must-read for every United States citizen concerned with the future of his country.



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Rexroth & Olsen


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American Politics | Political Theory


Class of 1969

Animal Colony: A Cautionary Tale for Today