Under an Equatorial Sky


Under an Equatorial Sky



Question: What do you get when you drop a 40-something soccer Mom into the Brazilian Amazon jungle? Answer: An adventure of a lifetime.

The Jungle Marathon of 2003 was a foot race that tested the limits of Rebekah Trittipoe. Never before had she run so far for so long. This wife and mother of two went to the jungle to compete in the inaugural Jungle Marathon, a self-sufficient, seven day race covering 250 km of sweltering jungle. With a week's worth of supplies strapped to her back, her journey began with a single step. The race thrust Trittipoe head first into a novel experience: six stages over a period of seven days, oppressive heat and humidity, poisonous snakes and spiders, chest-deep swamp crossings, swinging from jungle hammocks, relentless terrain, shoe-sucking mud and stalking jaguars. Far from her Virginia home, Rebekah found herself running with-and against-competitors from around the world through the harsh equatorial jungle. This book is about that race. It is a story of extreme sport. It is a story of highs and lows. It is a story of failure and success. It is a story of sustaining faith. It is a story meant to encourage, inspire and motivate. It is a story for the runner and non-runner, man and woman, adult and child. It is a story for you.



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Under an Equatorial Sky