Rise of the Phayladin


Rise of the Phayladin



A thousand years ago, a sacred prophecy was split between two beings, one good and the other evil. Now, as the citizens of Eret prepare for the millennial celebration of their creation, the race for their allegiance draws near. From the far west, in the Valley of Shadows, Lord Abaylin seeks the prophesied Phayadin to destroy him. From the east, in the Temple of Balance, Master Josiah seeks to protect him. Unfortunately, thousands of citizens who lie in between will soon fall at the hand of Lord Abaylin unless the Phayladin rises in time to protect them. In celebration of the millennium, the king of Bodain and the king of Todere decide to unite their two kingdoms in the marriage of their children, Prince Morgan and Princess Lillian, but with the prophecy of the Phayladin revealed, the king of Bodain is sought out to help recover the prophecy. Certain that the prophecy identifies the prince of Bodain as the Phalyadin, Master Josiah convinces the king of Bodain to let Prince Morgan accompany him in the battle, so the wedding is put on hold until Prince Morgan and Master Josiah are able to lead the army of Bodain back home. Is Prince Morgan truly the Phalyadin? Will he accept this role in time to save the citizens of Eret? Or will Lord Abaylin's harshest general and fifteen thousand soldiers trample right through the area surrounding the Great Divide, slaughtering everyone in their quest to halt the Rise of the Phalyadin? Immerse yourself in the fantasy world of Eret and be a part of the first book in The Accounts of Amari Series, Rise of the Phalyadin, an allegorical novel with themes of faith, courage, wisdom, and redemption.



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Tate Publishing


Mustang, OK


Class of 2002

Rise of the Phayladin