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In this highly readable and wonderfully engaging response to Rob Bell's New York Times best seller Love Wins, Michael Wittmer examines Bell's claims about "heaven, hell, and the fate of every person who ever lived" in the light of the Bible and historic Christian doctrine. Wittmer writes in the introduction, "I respect Rob Bell. He wrote Love Wins to start a dialogue about the most important issues of our faith, and Christ Alone is my attempt as an evangelical to join that conversation." Study materials are available at the publisher's and author's websites.

[Rob Bell] gave us a wake-up call and Michael Wittmer has answered it...Offering more light than heat, Christ Alone appreciates the attractiveness of Bell's questions and conclusions.... Avoiding caricature and personal attack, he carefully evaluates Bell's interpretations of Scripture. It's not a careless diatribe against a book, but filled with pastoral wisdom for perennial questions.



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Christ Alone: An Evangelical Response to Rob Bell's



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