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Taken from Beyond the Valley: Finding Hope in Life's Losses by Dave Branon © 2010 by Dave Branon. Used by permission of Discovery House, Grand Rapids MI, 49501. All rights reserved.


Where is God when the bottom drops out? The easy answers may be true enough, but when loss and sorrow come our way, when the pain goes deeper than we ever thought possible, its hard to find comfort in the thought of a loving God. Yet there is a light beyond the darkness, and hope for hopelessly broken hearts to find peace. Dave Branon knows. When his 17-year-old daughter, Melissa, died in a car crash, Dave found himself on a journey through a wasteland of grief. Out of his struggles emerged insights into the Scriptures that brought him through and strengthened his walk with God. In Beyond the Valley, Branon shares frank, practical devotions for those who suffer. If you or someone you know wrestles with one of life's inevitable losses, this book is for you. Including questions for personal reflection, Beyond the Valley points the way to healing for life's deep wounds, and renewed confidence in Gods love for you.



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Discovery House Publishers


Grand Rapids, MI


Family, Life Course, and Society


Class of 1973

Beyond the Valley: Finding Hope in Life's Losses



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