The Husband's Guide to Getting Lucky


The Husband's Guide to Getting Lucky



Every red-blooded husband on the planet dreams of a satisfying sex life with his wife, but many are convinced it’s a fantasy that’s out of reach. Marla Taviano, author of Is That All He Thinks About?, begs to differ. “When it comes to sex,” Marla says, “husbands get a bad rap, but truthfully, most of them aren’t selfish, lustful pigs that think with their you-know-whats. They just happen to be wired for sexual intimacy and want to enjoy some with the woman they married. Too bad we wives aren’t on the same page.” In The Husband’s Guide to Getting Lucky, Taviano suggests that an assertive husband can make a big difference by meeting his wife more than halfway. With her candid humor, she clues guys in to the way their wives operate and gives them practical suggestions for being husbands their women want to make love to. For many married men, a fulfilling sex life seems like little more than a pipe dream, but a few insights and some “simple” steps can turn wishful thinking into reality.

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The Husband's Guide to Getting Lucky