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The best leadership skills are Bible-based, and they work.

Three-star general Loren Reno practiced leadership at the highest levels in the US military. In 10 Leadership Maneuvers, Reno shares the skills that brought him success in small and large organizations, at junior and senior positions, in times of prosperity, and in times of challenge. In this personal and highly practical resource, Reno uses stories from his experience as a leader to illustrate the 10 maneuvers successful leaders use. More than a checklist or menu, these invaluable skills are useful for the aspiring leader and for those who want to elevate their leadership game. Readers will come away positioned to develop a leadership model that will help them do and think about the right things at the right times. Other key take-aways: Servants become the best leaders, and they keep serving after ascending to bigger jobs. Seeking to serve is different than just serving. Successful leaders hold themselves and others accountable.

10 Leadership Maneuvers is anchored in Scripture, and filled with the insights, principles, and never-before-heard stories of success, failure, humor, and regret of a master storyteller with exceptional leadership credentials.



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10 Leadership Maneuvers: A General's Guide to Serving and Leading



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