Praying Through Lyme Disease - Book of Prayers


Praying Through Lyme Disease - Book of Prayers



At a recent Lyme Disease conference it was stated that “Lyme Disease is the growing epidemic and health crisis of the 21st century”. While not well known and maybe not well handled there are hundreds of thousands of Lyme Warriors that struggle each day just to live. Many of them cannot get out of bed due to extreme and debilitating fatigue and pain. Many are lying in hospital beds with doctors who don’t know what to do. Many others are struggling emotionally under the weight of loss. Many others feel completely isolated and forsaken. In the midst of all of this there is a voice and a helper that calls through the dark night and says that He will never abandon or forsaken us. In the midst of sickness and pain it is hard to sometimes know how to pray through the scriptures of the Bible. This little book is designed with 31 topics that Lyme Disease patients struggle with and verses to meditate on and pray through in times of difficulty and in good days. This book is meant to be a companion and an encouragement to all who are struggling with Lyme Disease and the intensity in of their fight.



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Prayer, Christianity, Lyme Disease, chronic disease


Rebecca VanDeMark


Christianity | Nonfiction


Class of 2002

Praying Through Lyme Disease - Book of Prayers