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King James Bible, Authorized Version


King James Bible, Authorized Version



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Bible, King James Bible

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[Printed in New York] This copy of the Bible, published by the American Bible Society 13 years after its founding, was printed during the presidency of Andrew Jackson (1829-1837).


The American Bible Society, organized in 1816, was founded to distribute the Bible around the United States through nondenominational and nonprofit groups. Their first grant for Bibles was given for a distribution in New York state in 1817. And in that same year, the Scripture grant program for the armed services began with Bibles being distributed to the crew of the USS John Adams. The Society provided Bibles to both the North and the South during the Civil War. The Society was a part of a growing evangelical press in America in the 19th century which was covering the expanding nation with Bibles, denominational newspapers, and spiritual tracts. Though retaining "American" in its name, the ministry of the Society gradually shifted from a national to an international focus. This is evidenced by the Society's efforts in seeing the Bible translated into over 1500 languages reaching most of the world's population today. The ministry of this Society continues around the world from their headquarters in New York City, cooperating with other Societies internationally to coordinate the translation and distribution of the Bible on every continent.

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United States



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Stereotyped by James Conner for the American Bible Society


New York, NY

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King James Bible, Authorized Version