Business Administration Faculty Dissertations



Dissertations from 2017


Factors Predicting the Allowance for Loan and Lease Losses at U.S. Commercial Banks: 2013-2015, Jeffrey S. Guernsey

The Patterns of Strategic Orientation Over Time: A Retrospective Study of EO and MO in Small Firms, Daniel R. Sterkenburg

Dissertations from 2013


Experimentation of Managerial Techniques for the Optimization of a Voluntary Construction Workforce, Diedrich Prigge

Dissertations from 2011


Toward End-User Specification and Design of Business Systems, John D. Delano

Dissertations from 2010

Social Influence on Employees’ Understanding of a New Information Technology, Hsing-Yi Tsai

Dissertations from 1999


The Effect of Transactive Memory and Collective Efficacy on Aircrew Performance, Daryl R. Smith

Dissertations from 1991

Internal Revenue Code Section 263A: An Assessment of its Impact and Proposals for Simplification, Paul G. Schloemer