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Christian Business Faculty Association Conference


Siloam Springs, AR


This paper presents a whole-person model for doing biblical integration in business with applications in the field of information systems. The proposed model consists of five questions arranged in a circular fashion, starting with the identification of an ethical issue and the secular worldview associated with it. The model then asks, “Who is God?” in the context of the ethical issue. This is followed by the question, “What biblical principles/commands apply?” Then, the model asks for a decision of whether we accept, reject, or redeem the secular worldview. The model then continues the process to bring the question back to “Who is God?”, but this time it asks the question in the light of who God is to me, and what I must change to become more like Him. This model allows the Christian to develop a greater love and respect for God, while arriving at a biblically based answer to an ethical dilemma, and then growing closer to God as life changes are made to conform to the newfound understanding of who God is.




Biblical integration, model, whole-person, information systems

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