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What's Up with Christ Coming Down? Revelaton 19:6-21

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The Christian Index


Nov. 18, 1995 will forever remain etched in my memory; this was the day that my wife and I were married. With fond memories, I recall my then wife-to-be feverishly making preparations for that great day. And even though it required a great deal of work for her, from making her gown to planning the celebration, the wedding was not a burden.

To be sure, my wife appeared quite happy when the day finally arrived! In many ways, John’s description of the Bride of Christ in Revelation 19 matches my own wedding experience and observations.

Recall that throughout the book of Revelation, John has sought to encourage believers by reminding them of Christ’s ultimate victory over Satan and his followers. In this present chapter, John encourages Christians by stressing two meals: the wedding feast of the Lamb and the supper of God. One represents a day of salvation, while the other corresponds to a day of judgment.


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