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Training in Bioethics: A New Resource (Podcast 028)

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Are you a health professional (doctor, nurse, pharmacist)? Are you a student preparing for one of these professions? Perhaps you are a pastor, counselor, or church outreach volunteer. Perhaps you are a social worker or hospital chaplain. You may work in pro-life advocacy, or in a women’s center.

If you are involved in any of these career paths, you know of the many new ethical questions that have arisen in modern biotechnology and medicine: What does it mean to be human? Who owns the life that I live? How should we make clinical decisions for our families and loved ones, for our friends, and for our society?

In spite of these complex new ethical questions, few universities provide in-depth training in ethical decision-making. Until now.

Cedarville University is offering a new, completely online Graduate Certificate in bioethics. Our latest podcast features a radio interview with the program director.


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Graduate Certificate in Bioethics Program website

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