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You might say that Cedarville University senior Arielle Wenig has a knack for keeping her eyes on a goal that’s way down the road. She’s shown that quality both in her college education and in a very recent accomplishment. While most students begin their college search in high school, Arielle, with that clear-minded ability to look ahead, began her higher education pursuit when she was in fourth grade. As part of a school project, she wrote to Cedarville asking for information. She received plenty of swag, including a Cedarville pennant, and the paperwork for applying to school. She used that very form sent to her in fourth grade when she applied as a senior in high school. This ability to focus on the long run came into play this September when she completed a marathon with her dad, Bryan, on his 60th birthday. It was a long-held dream, something that Arielle is gifted at fostering and realizing, to run that distance with her dad. It was even more meaningful since Bryan was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in May. Again, with that steely-eyed focus on the future, Arielle is considering the possibility of serving as a Cedarville professor someday. By now, it should be clear that once Arielle has something in sight, she will pursue it no matter how long it may take.

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