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Beth Pram Porter, Chair of the Department of Music and Worship, has the voice of an angel, the whistle of Ohio’s state bird, and a powerful story of forgiveness that sings God’s praise.

Beth came to Cedarville in 1997 and has impacted hundreds of voice and music students since. Her reputation for loving her students generously and unconditionally has earned her the endearing moniker of Mama Porter. And as for that whistle, she really can very closely approximate the song of a cardinal. Just ask her if you see her.

Her vocal talent has made her a memorable fixture for the annual Community Christmas Celebration. One of her chapel performances was so enthralling that it earned her an invite as the featured soloist for the National Day of Prayer at the White House in 2004, where she sang for fellow Texan President George W. Bush.

But beyond the opportunities and accolades, Beth has faced great loss and trials as she underwent a devastating divorce. She learned deep lessons about God’s faithfulness and the power of forgiveness, which she has now shared with hundreds and hundreds of students.

Through it all, the Lord is the one conducting this mysterious and amazing concert of her life.

“I tell the Lord often and have told Him for a long time, ‘Lord, please use me, but don’t let me know it,’” she offers during the podcast. “As an artist, it’s very easy to become all-consumed with self. I don’t want to be able to take any credit for anything that is obviously the work of God.”

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