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When Sage Showers sought out an internship in Washington, D.C., last fall, she faced lots of rejection. Undaunted, she pressed on. She finally received a ‘yes,’ and that one positive response has opened what could be many potential doors of opportunity. Showers, a junior political science major from Hammon, Oklahoma, spent the fall in our nation’s capital as part of D.C. Semester, where students attend classes twice a week and participate in field-related internships during the day. Participants have interned for the White House, the Department of Homeland Security, and the Secret Service. Showers had the privilege of interning in the office of U.S. Senator James Lankford from her home state. She welcomed visitors to the senator’s office, talked with constituents, answered phones, and performed other helpful support responsibilities. But when the senator’s office staff assistant took a new job, Showers was the recipient of an unexpected and very welcome promotion. She was able to serve on staff the remainder of fall semester and is now in a great position to find a role in D.C. after she graduates in 2023. Throughout this exciting, whirlwind experience, Showers kept her feet on the ground and her eyes on the Lord. “Living in the city with highly driven people pushed me to know what I’m about,” she shared with Cedarville public relations. “A lot of the stress related to D.C. is the spiritual and mental battle. People both within government buildings and camping on the building lawns need the Gospel.”

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