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For Nancy Voorhies, it has always been about people. No matter where she was or what she was doing, people were her priority, although she could have never foreseen how exactly this love of people would play out in her life.

College-aged Nancy had one goal — pursuing the arts. She auditioned at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago for its piano performance program. To her surprise, she didn’t make the cut but was asked to audition for voice instead.

Unlike anything she imagined, Nancy began studying to be an opera singer. But through a turn of events, she found herself using her music more in churches than on the opera stage.

Her dream of performing on stage quickly fizzled as she learned the rigor of traveling from city-to-city was less appealing. She’d rather just talk with people and listen to their stories.

So, while living in the Dayton, Ohio, area, Nancy visited friends at Cedarville University. It was during one of her encounters at Cedarville that she was asked to pursue a job at the university.

As a Canadian, even if she wanted the position, this idea seemed far-fetched. How could a non-US citizen secure a job in America without a green card or work permit?

After a long hiring process and obtaining work permits, Nancy started a job in Advancement as a major gift officer. And, truth be told, she is the first major gift officer hired at Cedarville University.

The position is a perfect fit with Nancy’s skillset and personality. She loves to talk with people, hearing their stories, and building relationships. As a result, two of the most significant gifts have been given to Cedarville University, one being the library of Warren Wiersbe.

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