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A Symbiotic Relationship

Welcome to another episode of Cedarville Stories, where we explore the unique initiatives and stories that make Cedarville University stand out. Today, we dive into the inspiring collaboration between two seasoned professors, Dr. Ruth Sylvester and Dr. Lori Ferguson.

Dr. Sylvester, originally from sunny southern Florida, and Dr. Ferguson, from nearby Xenia, Ohio, both brought rich teaching backgrounds to Cedarville University. Despite their distinct paths, they’ve forged a powerful partnership with a shared mission.

In this episode, we unravel the story behind “Symbiotica,” a groundbreaking plan and curriculum crafted by Dr. Sylvester and Dr. Ferguson. Symbiotica is more than an academic venture; it’s a dynamic approach to preparing the next generation of educators at Cedarville.

Focused on the unique realm of homeschool education, Symbiotica aims to equip early childhood education majors with real-world experiences. Simultaneously, it provides homeschooled students with a classroom experience infused with biblical teachings, extending beyond the confines of their homes.

Join us as we explore the inception, goals, and potential impact of Symbiotica. Less than a year old, this innovative program already holds promise to serve as a national model for colleges and universities seeking to blend academic rigor with practical, biblical, and real-world applications.

For Dr. Sylvester and Dr. Ferguson, Symbiotica embodies a win-win scenario, creating a symbiotic relationship among themselves that benefits students, educators, and the future of education.

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