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A Man of Commitment

In this episode of the Cedarville Stories Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey and unwavering dedication of Dr. Daniel Estes, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Cedarville University.

From teaching multiple generations of the same family to completing a doctoral degree at prestigious Cambridge University, Dr. Estes has left an indelible mark on the academic world and beyond.

Growing up in rural New York, Estes was shaped by the influence of faithful Christian mentors who instilled in him the values of perseverance and devotion. His father, a pastor and avid runner, taught him the importance of endurance, while a senior saint shared her passion for prayer, leaving a lasting impact on his life. Additionally, the late Dr. James T. Jeremiah, former president at Cedarville, served as a patient mentor and role model to him.

These formative experiences have shaped Estes into the person he is today, dedicated to being a blessing to others and making a difference for the Gospel.

As a professor, Estes not only imparts bold truths of Scripture to his students but also spends hours praying for them and encouraging them to reach their goals. His humility and enduring commitment serve as a source of inspiration for Cedarville students as they navigate their academic and spiritual journeys.

Tune in to this episode to discover more about Dr. Daniel Estes’ extraordinary life and the profound impact he continues to make at Cedarville University and beyond.

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