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When Mandy Young first came to Cedarville, she had no intention of becoming an on-air radio personality or a trailblazing leader in the communications industry. But even though she tried to run from God’s plans, He drew her in and set her in a place of blessing and thriving.

Mandy, who graduated from Cedarville with a bachelor’s in broadcasting and digital media in 2000, was named program director for K-LOVE and Air 1 last October. She is first female in this role and is responsible for music and on-air programming that is broadcast through 790 stations across the country and into millions of homes.

All of it started when Mandy was a little girl. She was saved at age 5, the same night her dad accepted the Lord. She and her siblings would create radio shows and put them on cassette tapes – yes, that’s going back a few years – but for her it was only childhood fun, not a prophetic portend of her future.

As she trailblazes a role in Christian radio, she knows that this is the place God has always meant for her to serve and to inspire millions to trust and pursue Him.

“Being in radio for as long as I have, I feel like it’s my job to pour out encouragement to other people,” she shares during the podcast, “to tell them about Jesus, to bring them closer to Him, and to lift them up.”

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August 25, 2021

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