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Applied Research Project

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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Ruth Sylvester, Ph.D.


Parental involvement, parental engagement, urban education, academic acheivement


Much research has documented the importance of parental participation in education, but the findings are mixed in regards to what type of parental engagement yields higher academic achievement. As an educator, I have witnessed programs and ideas that are successful in a suburban setting completely fail or be unrelated to an urban school setting. I realize that every school setting is unique and what works for one teacher or school may not work for another. As an urban educator it is my desire to discover the most effective types of parental engagement relating to my students. To that end, the purpose of this research is to explore the types of parental engagement that demonstrate a positive impact on students in low-income, urban, elementary settings. I include reviews of studies that are specific to urban education, as well as race, socio-economic status, and single-family households. I have also extended the research to middle school and high school to see if practices put in place in elementary school demonstrate a lasting effect on future academic achievement.

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