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Applied Research Project

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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Ruth Sylvester, Ph.D.


Twins, elementary classroom, separation, anxiety, competition


In any child’s educational experience, there are positive and negative aspects. However, when jealousy and competition, identity and dependence, separation anxiety, and a host of other emotionally charged aspects of school life, are added to the situation, the elementary classroom becomes a minefield for all involved, especially for twins. It is this minefield that parents, states, and educational professionals walk students through, all while seeking each child’s best interest. However, there are conflicting opinions, research, and practices that mark the historical landscape of whether to educate twins in a shared elementary school classroom. The historical trend within the greater United States of America has been that the Principal and other educational professionals shall decide whether twins are placed together or separate. The scarcity of quantitative research has left many professionals with an “old school” view of automatically assigning twin pairs to separate classrooms. Entering the school environment is usually the first time parents, teachers, and other educational professionals determine whether to separate twin children or place them together in the same classroom. This decision is based upon the twin relationship, parents’ views, state laws, and professional educators’ opinions. By researching and gathering data from the past and present, a conclusion may be put forth for discussion by parents, and professionals to allow for the most student support possible. Should twins share an elementary school classroom?

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