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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Stephen S. Gruber, Ed.D.


technology, first grade classrooms


How are first grade classrooms using technology? How are children using technology at home? Does the use of technology really improve academic achievement? An experiment was conducted to determine the effectiveness of using technology to teach a unit in Social Studies to first grade students. The study occurred in a Christian school in Lancaster, Ohio using thirty-seven first grade students. One class comprised the control group with Social Studies instruction taught in a traditional manner. The other class was the experimental group, which used technology such as the Internet, PowerPoint Presentations, and video and audio recordings to provide the instruction. One Social Studies unit was used in the six-week study with an assessment taken each week. Independent-Samples T-Tests were done on the six assessments. Only one of the assessments showed a significant difference in scores in favor of the experimental group. The other five assessments did not show a significant difference. Due to the experimental group having one of the assessments showing a statistically significant difference, and to the fact that the means were higher on four of the other tests, although not significantly, the researcher is encouraged that technology does provide a difference in student achievement. When combined with the increase in interest and enjoyment of the students using technology, technology appears to be a positive motivation for student achievement.



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