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Master of Education (M.Ed.)




Timothy Heaton, Ph.D.


Curricular Reform, Concerns-Based Adaptation Model, Understanding by Design, Leadership


This applied research project uses a mixed method approach to analyze curricular reform at a private Christian school in Chesapeake, Virginia. The study aimed to answer two questions regarding curricular reform at the school. Are the teachers seeking to improve the curriculum to which they have been entrusted? Have their attitudes and perceptions regarding the change in template evolved over time? Using the Concerns-Based Adoption Model, two separate surveys were coded based on the model’s Stages of Concern and Levels of Use. An initial teacher survey provided data and open-ended responses on the participant’s willingness to implement the reformed device. The follow-up survey provided data on the participants’ perceived evolution of attitude relative to the reform measure. Furthermore the follow-up survey provided open-ended responses by which the participants’ engagement with the unit plan was evaluated. The analysis of both data and participants’ statements resulted in confirmation of principles previously establish in published literature regarding educational reform: including the principles of contradiction, resistance, and perspective. Thus the findings suggest that the administration target select areas of the unit plan in order to clarify teacher misconceptions and to further improve teacher engagement.



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