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Prothesis Mounting Adapter and Method

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An adapter assembly which is particularly advantageous in allowing for adjusting and positioning of prosthetic devices which are attached to a stump or stump socket. The adapter is particularly advantageous for orienting and positioning of a Symes prosthesis, due to the small space requirements. In accordance with a preferred embodiment, an interface member is attached to a stump socket, with a nut movably disposed inside of a cavity of the interface member. The nut includes an aperture extending therethrough, and receives a hollow laminating bolt which clamps the prosthesis and adapter assembly in place to allow the user to test the prosthesis. If adjustments are needed, the hollow bolt can be loosened, and adjustments performed via the movably disposed nut. Once a desired position is achieved, a resin is injected through the laminating bolt and into the cavity of the interface. After the resin has hardened or cured, the hollow laminating bolt is replaced with a solid bolt.


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