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The Freshman Year in Engineering

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Proceedings of the Spring 2007 American Society for Engineering Education Illinois-Indiana Section Conference


As engineers, we often are required to meet "specifications" or "standards," whether for testing or products. Shouldn't the same be expected of our freshman engineering curricula? Before we attempt to answer this question, we must first determine the following: (1) do secondary schools provide us with a "standard" freshman engineering student? (2) what role should Advanced Placement (AP) courses/exams play in the course selection of freshmen engineering students? (3) what do our institutions offer (either financially or administratively) in support of a First Year Experience? These questions and their relative importance will be addressed by comparing freshman engineering curricula across engineering disciplines and across institutional profiles with the expectation that a consensus response will lead to an improved Freshman Year in Engineering (FYE) for our students.


Engineering curricula