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This article examines the suitability of two different materials which are black graphite carbon fiber and red pre-impregnated fiberglass from which to fabricate artificial dragonfly wing frames. These wings could be of use in Biomimetic Micro Aerial Vehicles (BMAV). BMAV are a new class of unmanned micro-sized air vehicles that mimic flying biological organisms. Insects, such as dragonflies, possess corrugated and complex vein structures that are difficult to mimic. Simplified dragonfly wing frames were fabricated from these materials and then a nano-composite film was adhered to them, which mimics the membrane of an actual dragonfly. Experimental analysis of these results showed that although black graphite carbon fiber and red pre-impregnated fiberglass offer some structural advantages, red pre-impregnated fiberglass was a less preferred option due to its warpage and shrinking effects. Black graphite carbon fiber with its high load bearing capability is a more suitable choice for consideration in future BMAV applications.



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