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A Component Damping Identification for Mistuned Blisks

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Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing


Different components of a structure can have different damping characteristics, and that affects the dynamic response of the overall system. Herein, we assume that damping has a simple form only at a component level. That leads to a complex damping model at a system level. A new method is introduced which identifies the component damping of a structure. This method is applied to mistuned blisks in regions of low and high modal density. The method incorporates reduced-order models, and remains accurate in the presence of measurement noise. Results are shown for a mistuned blisk with varying levels of measurement noise. The accuracy of damping identification is observed through a forced response prediction and amplification factor study. Also, a discussion on the effects of damping and stiffness mistuning on the maximum response is presented. Some differences between component and modal damping are highlighted.


Reduced order model, mistuning, bladed disks, components, cyclic symmetry