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Culturally-Appropriate Engineering Design for Developing Countries

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3rd Annual Dayton Engineering Sciences Symposium


Academic institutions are encouraged to instill “the impact of engineering solutions in a global and societal context.” Cedarville University now provides seniors with a capstone project option that directly solves an engineering problem in a developing country. Underclass students can participate on other projects. Two faculty took a survey trip to Liberia in 2006. Considering what would benefit the infrastructure of ELWA (i.e., their radio station, hospital, or school) or the rural people, we selected projects according to academic merit, field need, and student interest. Our pilot program took students and faculty to Liberia in May 2007. With help from the Liberians, the team installed a cooling system for the diesel powered generators and a medical waste incinerator, assessed the water distribution network for 2007-08 capstone modeling and improvements, surveyed the 134-acre facility for CAD mapping, and designed, built and distributed 10 solar-powered reading lamps.


Engineering, design, developing countries