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Proceedings of the 6th Christian Engineering Education Conference

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Students at Christ-centered universities often find themselves wrestling with whether or not God can use them as effectively in the field of engineering as He can in a field such as pastoral ministry or foreign missionary service. This question exposes an underlying dualism that has been fostered in the minds of 21st century believers causing them to view certain professions as “secular” and certain others as “sacred”. This paper describes how the biblical doctrines rediscovered during the Protestant Reformation have liberated Christians to study and even excel in fields such as engineering and technology. I describe first how dualism was pervasive during the Middle Ages causing a strong distinction between sacred callings and secular pursuits. I then show how the teachings of the reformers and then later the Puritans concerning God’s relationship with man and particularly the doctrine of the priesthood of all believers paved the way for a new understanding of the Christian doctrine of calling or vocation. Based on Reformation teachings, pursuing engineering as engineering glorifies God and is a sacred calling. Finally I investigate how this doctrine of Christian calling affects the pursuit of the engineering profession by Christians. I argue that Christians should be the best engineers in light of the fact that they are called by God to this profession for His glory. I suggest ways for instilling this biblical vocational mentality into the minds and hearts of engineering students at Christ-centered universities.


Engineering, Christian vocation



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