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Design of a RFID Transponder for Application on Security

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Technology

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RFID becomes a ubiquitous technology in recent years, whose applications include pet identification, supply chain management, and electronic article surveillance for retail stores, etc. Since the amount of the RFID transponders is large for these applications, the necessities of low cost design is urgent. In this paper, the design of passive RFID tag (transponder) at the 125KHz, which is widely used in the for door security and pet identification, is presented. The passive transponder basically consists of an antenna, a clamper, a simple modulator, a power-on reset module, and a ROM stored data. Since the cost and the chip area minimization is the purpose of this project, we design each module with the minimum hardware. Such that the cost and required included power can be optimized. The CMOS 0.25 ?m process technology is used for the design.