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QoS Aware Topology Control and Routine in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings of the 17th IASTED International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Computing and Systems


In this paper we consider the topology control prob lem in wireless networks where equipped with point-to point wireless links such as directional antennas or free space optics. In point-to-point wireless networks, each node can communicate with only a limited number of nodes within its transmission range. Thus, the selection of the neighbors in the topology control is very important since it affects the routing decision. In this paper we propose topology control algorithms which configure the topology so as to satisfy QoS constraints of each service and to max imize the network performance. And, we introduce the degree constraint shortest path problem for finding opti mal(shortest) paths in wireless point-to-point networks. By experimental analysis, we compare the performance of the proposed algorithms.


QoS, topology control, routing, interface constraint