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Proceedings of the 2001 Alexander von Humboldt Conference

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Amanda Labarca Hubertson (1886-1975) is recognized as one of Chile's foremost thinkers, educators and feminist leaders of the 20th century. vVhile the genre of travel writing comprises only a small part of Labarca's substantial writing career, the present essay under discussion, "From Chile," represents the culmination of observations and reflections on North American and Latin American cultures derived from Labarca's extended visits to the U.S. during the first half of the 20th century. Originally developed as an unpublished essay called "Toward a Better Understanding" ("Hada un entendimiento mejor"), this essay was included in the collection entitled As Others See Us: The United States Through Foreign Eyes, edited by Franz M. Joseph in 1959. (Paul 2/ 27) Like a number of other publications and activities sponsored by private pro-American foundations in years following World War II, this book containing Labarca's essay was commissioned by an educational organization, the American-European Foundation, ostensibly as a vehicle to promote cultural understanding but also undoubtedly to defend North American culture. (Berghahn 416) For Labarca, however, it represented the opportunity to condense half a century of experiences and reflections into one essay with the goal of promoting hemispheric understanding and mutual respect.


Amanda Labarca Hubertson, international relations



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