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True to the motto of the United States, “One Nation Under God,” this exhibit highlights our country's biblical heritage. The exhibit begins with the first Bible brought to America by the Puritans and Pilgrims, moves on to the first Bible printed in America and those that followed in the Colonies, and then to the rapid expansion in the 19th century of the printing and distribution of the Bible driven by the desire of many individuals, churches, and societies to provide and share the principles and message of God's Word.

<p>The <a href="https://digitalcommons.cedarville.edu/biblical_heritage_exhibits/"><em>Biblical Heritage Gallery</em></a>, where these items may be viewed when on display, is a service of University Archives and Special Collections at <a href="https://www.cedarville.edu">Cedarville University</a>. Located on the upper level of the university's Centennial Library, it is open during regular <a href="https://cedarville.libcal.com/hours/"> library hours</a>. This exhibit will be on display from early April through May 2023.

Display Case 1
Display Case 1
King James Bible Thompson Hot-Press Printing Printed in America 1798
Display Case 2
New Testament, Printed
Display Case 3
King James Bible Printed
Display Case 4