“Cedarville College was founded in prayer, has been maintained in faith, and supported by sacrifice; and long after this generation shall have run its race, Cedarville College will live to enrich the nation, gladden the church, and bless the world; and with the years it will grow in material equipment until it becomes the joy of this community and is numbered high among the favored colleges of our country.” As Dr. Murray Murdoch shared in his history of Cedarville University, “these words were uttered by Wilbert Renwick McChesney, second president of Cedarville College, in his inaugural address on November 12, 1915. They reflect his knowledge of what had occurred in the past and an amazingly accurate assessment of what would happen in the future.” Dr. Paul Dixon, eighth president of the University often said, “When people ask me to explain Cedarville’s success, the only response is, God!” God’s provision. God’s intervention. God’s blessing. The writers represented in this exhibit have tried to capture that story of God’s work in this unique place. Copies of each item are available in the Centennial Library collection, and some can be accessed online.

The History of Cedarville College
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Cedarville College: A Century of Commitment
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Say to This Mountain: The Life of James T. Jeremiah
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Cedarville University: Defining Legacies
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Biblical Heritage Gallery Exhibit Schedule

The Cedarville Story: Histories of the University - January 2023 through March 15, 2023

One Nation Under God: The Bible in Early America - March 15, 2023, through May 2023

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